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Bryan Jensen
Born in United States
26 years
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Family Tree
Auntie Joanne Akin
Memories of my forever nephew BRYAN are many, but they sum up by me  remembering his ornery disposition he had - - always the same and grinning from ear to ear, never knowing quit what he was up to.  He certainly was never one to just sit still and when this happened he was hardly ever able to contain himself.  He was truly a boy through and through.  That's what you had to love about the precious little guy that grew up to be just as ornery, but oh so handsome.  That's what you had to love about him.  He was truly a sweetie.  As his Auntie the one thing I would change if I had the chance is to spend more time with him and given him alot more hugs. 
Audrey Benck
I met Bryan almost 2 years ago, through Food At First, a volunteer organization he was involved in for quite some time. He was a big reason why I kept coming back- every time I walked in thereafter, he greeted me with a big smile and a friendly hello, just looking so happy to be there. I'd always ask what we were cooking, and the answer was always different, and hinted we'd be headed for an adventure this meal. Bryan really touched everyone who volunteers and is served at Food At First. I couldn't have asked to work with a better person.
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